Ukraine: round table on heritage and development


The Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) set up in Ukraine under the EU4Business FORBIZ project will host a round table on issues of cultural heritage and development in Kyiv on 20 November.

A total of 401 locations in Ukraine are historic sites, but historic-architectural plans are approved in only 86 of them, which means that in almost 80% of settlements, building rules are not actually regulated, with significant risks for the preservation of cultural heritage, constraints on the proper development of historical places and numerous corruption abuses.

How can Ukraine improve control over the preservation of cultural heritage objects? How can it promote the proper development of historic areas? How to build a system of qualitative assessment of the impact of construction on cultural heritage and create transparent rules for business?

Responses and ways of solving these problems will be on the table at the discussion on ‘New Construction on Cultural Heritage Sites’, which will bring together representatives of both state and business.

Experts from the Better Regulation Delivery Office have conducted a systematic review of the quality of market regulation, the results of which have presented in an analytical study on ‘New construction on the territories of cultural heritage sites’.


20 November 2017


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13-15, Bolsunovska St.
IQ Business Center