Tradition and innovation in the greenhouse business: workshop in Khmelnytsky

The workshop on ‘Tradition and Innovation in the Greenhouse Business’ takes place on 20 October

A workshop is being organised on 20 October by the Business Support Centre in Khmelnytsky on ‘Tradition and Innovation in the Greenhouse Business’, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the EU4Business initiative.

The workshop is aimed at:

  • owners, managers and leading specialists of micro, small and medium-sized greenhouse business;
  • anyone who wants to start their own greenhouse business or invest in operating ones;
  • scientists and specialists of the industry;
  • managers of communities or structural units responsible for the economic development of the local territory.

In recent years, the area of greenhouses in the world has increased to more than 470,000 hectares. Ukraine is among the top ten world leaders in gross production of vegetable and gourd products, but only ranks 18th in terms of yield. Greenhouses only account for 600,000 tons out of the 10 million vegetables produced in Ukraine.

The problems of the industry include low modernisation of production technologies, changes in sales markets, lack of product certification, and a significant percentage of energy costs in the value of products grown.

In the Khmelnytskyy region there are examples of modern greenhouse holdings, as well as conditions for the development of new greenhouse production areas. The workshop will work on developing the existing potential of the region's producers, as well as promoting the activation of other potential market participants in the region and the country.

Among the questions to be addressed will be:

  • the poor quality of planting material and protective equipment;
  • energy efficiency and, consequently, unprofitable greenhouse business;
  • setting up of work and organisation of sales by small greenhouse farms;
  • lack of specialists and low qualification of staff in the greenhouse business

The Khmelnytsky Business Support Centre is part of the EU-funded Network of Business Support Centres, which aims to improve the competitiveness and bankability of Ukrainian SMEs through the provision of business advice and capacity building. It also supports BSOs in 15 regions of Ukraine in setting up a network of EU4Business Business Support Centres (BSCs). At least 30,000 SMEs and entrepreneurs benefit from the project.



20/10/ 2017


Participation is free of charge. The deadline for registration is 17 October. For more information visit the event page.

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