Improving SME Statistics in Ukraine: first workshop on business statistics


On 13 March 2018, the OECD will organise a first workshop on business statistics in Ukraine, which will focus on definitions and methods for producing entrepreneurship and structural SME statistics. The workshop will be held in Kyiv in the framework of the EU-funded project on ‘Improving SME Statistics in Ukraine’, part of the EU4Business: From Policies to Action programme, implemented by the OECD.

The OECD-Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme will be used as a reference framework for the development of policy-relevant and internationally-comparable indicators of entrepreneurship.  

The workshop will be structured in three sessions:

•Session 1: SME data and entrepreneurship indicators. The importance of measuring entrepreneurship and the SME sector, variables for analysis and policy design as well as international comparability of data and cross-country analysis.

•Session 2: Introduction to structural and demographic business statistics. Defining and collecting structural and demographic business statistics and compiling statistics by enterprise size.   

•Session 3: New approaches to statistical production, linking datasets. Compiling business indicators based on linked data.

The need to enhance the quality of SME statistics has been highlighted by the latest Small Business Act for Europe (SBA) assessment as a main priority to improve the institutional framework for SME support in Ukraine. Building on this finding, the project aims to promote the implementation of an established methodology to compile key indicators of business statistics that are internationally comparable, and increase capacity among Ukrainian policymakers to collect, harmonise, analyse, publish and disseminate official information measuring the performance of the SME sector in Ukraine.

The overall objective of the project is to build capacity in Ukrainian institutions to collect, harmonise, analyse, publish and disseminate official business statistics. In order to meet this objective, the project will concentrate on the following activities:

  • Strengthened statistical co-operation across relevant state bodies through a series of capacity building workshops;
  • Development of a methodology to harmonise the production of SME statistics, and the selection of relevant indicators to measure SME performance;
  • Support in the preparation of annual SME statistics report.



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