Going Digital: introduction to digital marketing for women in business in Tbilisi

Going Digital
25/10/2018 to 26/10/2018

Women entrepreneurs are invited to a ‘Going Digital’ training organised by the Women in Business programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the EU4Business initiative. The training takes place in two parts on 25-26 October and 15-16 November 2018, in Tbilisi, and the deadline for registration is 12 October.

The course gives an in-depth insight into what marketing is and how it works in practice, how to take that knowledge online, as well as how to apply theory to your own digital sphere, through websites and in social networks and e-mail. If you are leading your business and you want to take your business to the next level, then the workshop is for you and will help you successfully to market your business’ services or products online. Through the four-day training, participants’ will learn:

  • The concept of marketing as basis for any online marketing activities
  • Different aspects of marketing and which aspects of your business might benefit from an “online” presence
  • The concept of online marketing, its different aspects and available online marketing tools
  • What social media are and what they can do for your businesses
  • The best social media solutions for different kinds of businesses
  • The options, advantages and disadvantages of email marketing
  • The options, advantages and disadvantages of different website technologies
  • How to promote your website
  • Develop an online marketing plan and/or online marketing strategy for your business.

The course is organised into two training sessions of two days each, with a break in between. This gives participants time to test the things they have learned in the first session and bring their own lessons learned to the second, and also means they don’t need to be away from their business for too long. While the first session concentrates on marketing in general and its importance as well as how to go online, the second – which is complementary – concentrates on practical digital marketing techniques, including e-mail marketing, social network marketing, website marketing and others.

The course is based on international best practice in digital marketing and wide-ranging expert knowledge. It is interactive and includes practical exercises and real life examples, walking participants through the ideas of modern marketing and how to make best use of them in digital marketing from start to finish. The trainers are all experienced marketing and online experts, who have seen the difference that digital marketing can make. 

The training is part of the EU-funded Women in Business programme, implementedby the EBRD as part of EU4Businesshelping women-led SMEs access the finance and the know-how that they need to grow. Under the programme, the EBRD provides access to finance through credit lines to local banks dedicate, alongside business advice to help businesses become more competitive. The programme also offers training, mentoring and other support to enable women entrepreneurs to share experiences and learn from each other.


25-26/10/18 and 15-16/11/18


The deadline for registration is 12 October.

The workshop participation fee is 300 GEL per course and the course will be delivered in Georgian. The price includes training hand-out materials, refreshments etc.

Contact: knowhowgeorgia@ebrd.com or +995 32 2447423.

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