EBRD calls end of year meeting with consultants in Ukraine

EBRD Business Meeting with Consultants

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development is inviting consultants to an end of year business meeting on 7 December with the EBRD SME Finance and Development Group in Ukraine.

At the end of each year, EBRD summarises its joint work with consultants, analyses market trends and sets the dynamics for the next year.

The annual EBRD meeting with consultants will be devoted to their achievements in the current year and plans for the coming year.

At the meeting, participants will learn how to collaborate and effectively implement small and medium business projects in partnership with the SME Finance and Development Group and Business Support Centres, created under the EU4Business initiative.


7/12/18, 13:30-18:00


Participants are required to register online.

Contact: 044 277 11 45 or knowhowukraine@ebrd.com

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