The vast majority of businesses in Armenia are SMEs. They are responsible for nearly 80% of all jobs in the country. Despite this, they make up only 27% of Armenia’s GDP. EU4Business works to build a conducive business and investment environment to help SMEs reach their full potential. Programmes improve access to finance and new markets, target women entrepreneurs and SMEs working in green energy and also encourage social entrepreneurship. EU4Business is part of the EU’s wider efforts in the country which make it one of Armenia’s main economic partners.


Success stories

On the zip wire at the Yell Extreme Park in Yenokavan
As part of the EU4Business initiative, the European Union and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are developing the private sector in Armenia through advisory services and improved access to finance for local SMEs, provided through the SME Finance and Advice Facility . “Usually business owners come to us, present the issues they have and we advise local consultants and...
Yana Pogosyan (photo by Nazik Armenakian)
Yana Pogosyan puts what people discuss at various training sessions and forums into graphics. She turns words into images, collecting “showpieces” for exhibition, making it easier to perceive information. So far, this method has not been widely used in Armenia, but, as Yana says, it is very promising and popular in many countries. As a graphic designer, Yana has been engaged in graphic recording...
Cyber Mantis Games is one of the winners of Seven Startup Summit 2018
With the help of EU4Business, an Armenian start-up has developed a new video game that it soon hopes to release in all European languages. Cyber Mantis Games developed its game, ' The Last Daredevil' , inspired by the Armenian legend of David of Sassoun. The hack’n’slash game takes the ancient hero and places him in an unexpected cyberpunk setting, making him explore his identity by traveling...